The Cost of doing business

It’s not a matter of if, but when.

Dealing with problems is a big part of our job as Designers and Architects as well as taking responsibility for shortfalls. Sometimes it’s a mistake on our end. Sometimes it’s an issue that’s totally out of our control, and sometimes it is just simple human error at play or lack of training.

Either way, it falls on us, the business owner, to rectify and make good, within the circumstances. We still need to keep our clients informed and happy. We still need to keep our staff focused and aware of their mistakes. We still need to keep the train moving forward even though it may mean having to dip into our savings account to address the issue at hand.

It's a hard reality to swallow, especially when you are a small business.

The best advice I can give myself and others when these things happen is to recognize that there is a cost to doing business, and the buck stops at you. So make sure to save for those rainy days.

Here are 5 tips for dealing with issues when they arise;

1. Get ahead of it

2. Don’t play the blame game

3. Outline how you can prevent this in the future

4. Lean on other business owners in your industry for guidance

5. Make sure you and your team understand the big-picture outcome


Remember it’s not about the problem, it’s how you handle it that’s important.

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