Honesty loves accountability

I recently listened to one of my favourite podcasts “MASTERS OF SCALE" where the host talks to an entrepreneur about scaling his business in home sales from 16 Million to 160 Million in 5 years.

One of the things he said was how he made sure the people on his team were accountable, including himself.

This sentence really resonated with me. Building or scaling a business, no matter what stage, means relying on yourself and people. People to build, implement, maintain and grow. People is the largest variable in this equation. Building growth is not something done by accident either.

Building growth is accomplished through consistency, honesty, accountability and time. Time allows us to engage, and see the ‘proof in the pudding’. Time allows us to reflect on our issues, see patterns in our the market, our behaviour and others, and then try to rectify looming issues and concerns, or become more aware of them for future developments.

When you lean in to this, accountability comes to the surface.