Its not us, its them

Are you feeling the lack of love these days for new inquiries, or even repeat business? 

If the answer is yes, you are not alone. After polling over 25 Interior Design, Architecture and Construction based firms,  we found that over 80% were feeling the slow down. This means, letting go of staff, minimizing hours, or pulling back on overhead costs.

What does this mean for you, right now? 

Use this time wisely. Trust that before you know it, things will adjust. For now, use this time to pursue your passions, to learn and educate yourself in Product Knowledge and business skills. Build your network and minimize your costs.

Here are a few tips to manage the current slow down;

  1. Re-assess your team's time and size for the short term
  2. Pull back on outings and overhead spending
  3. Hire contract or hourly team members
  4. Join a co-working space for short-term rentals and space to build networks
  5. Invest your time into learning about Product Knowledge, and expanding your education

Be kind to yourself. Recognize we just lived through a construction bubble during covid. Recognize that access to qualified employees was limited during that time, and now there is a pool of talent waiting to be hired. Recognize that we have to re-adjust again to new normals and we will readjust again.