You have to see Jenna...

If you have seen me lately you may have heard me preaching about my experience doing a spinal flow and Heart Math session with Jenna Medina, a specialist in Spinal Flow and Heartmath.

Let me preface this with, I’m not into juju beliefs but this one piqued my interest.

I went to see her because truthfully, I had nothing to lose, and I’ve been uncomfortably uncomfortable for a while now.

Jenna teaches and practices spinal flow and Heart math to teams and individuals looking to tap into their inner coherence, remove past trauma, stress and anxiety, and reset their baselines. This practice is used across the USA for professionals in high-stress environments, like medical teams, c suite teams and sports teams.

Our session started with a cleanse, and a grounding ceremony which blew my mind because of the thoughts it evoked. I then on a table where Jenna practiced reading my body for past traumas, stress and anxiety and removing these from my spine where we keep and harvest these energies. She finished with a reiki session to funnel new light energy into my being.

Maybe it was a placebo effect, but after my session with Jenna, I got up from the table and felt 100 lbs lighter. I could see the sky through the woods. Reorienting my focus, breathing into new pathways and removing past traumas through spinal flow had an effect on me as a whole.

Refocusing negative to positive energy is essential in our business. It’s strengthening your why, and moving into your higher energy and potential. Sometimes that reset needs to happen more often than we think.

We are hosting a reset your mind workshop on July 24 if you want to test the waters and why my experience may resonate with you.

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